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Axum rust

Axum the main branch has unpublished, breaking changes high level features usage example performance safety minimum supported rust version examples getting help community projects contributing license contribution. Axum is a web application framework that focuses on ergonomics and modularity. More information about this crate can be found in the crate documentation. Runtime and transport layer independence is not a goal, at least for the time being. The hello, world! Of axum is use axum routingget, router, tokiomain async fn main() build our application with a single route let app routernew(). Route(, get( async hello, world! )) run it with hyper on localhost3000 axumserverbind(&0. Что такое аксум? Axum - это платформа веб-приложений, в которой приоритет отдается простоте использования и модульности.

Он предлагает такие функции, как маршрутизация запросов обработчикам, декларативный синтаксический анализ запросов, предсказуемая обработка ошибок и генерация ответов с минимальными усилиями. Axum построен поверх hyper с очень низкими накладными расходами, что приводит к низкому потреблению памяти и высокой производительности. This means axum gets timeouts, tracing, compression, authorization, and more, for free. It also enables you to share middleware with applications written using hyper or tonic. Use axum routingget, post, httpstatuscode, responseintoresponse, json, router, use serdedeserialize, serialize use stdnetsocketaddr tokiomain async fn main() initialize tracing tracingsubscriberfmtinit() im a newbie in rust and i was looking for a web framework to use and build a server or an api, and i found axum on github, and i want to start to use it. I wanted to learn about axum, so i started to write this article while exploring it to solidify.

Although actix-web is commonly used for web applications in rust, axums interface is simplified, making it easy to handle middleware, routes, route handlers, and more. Js web framework, which means you can transfer your knowledge from express to build the api in axum. So, lets dive in and get started with the main focus of this tutorial building a restful api in rust using axum and postgresql. Tokio is a runtime for writing reliable asynchronous applications with rust. Today we are happy to announce axum an easy to use, yet powerful, web framework designed to take full advantage of the tokio ecosystem. Axum is a web application framework with a special standing in the rust ecosystem.

It is part of the tokio project, which is the runtime for writing asynchronous network applications with rust. At a first glance, actix web looks very familiar to other web frameworks in rust. You use macros to define http methods and routes (like rocket), and you use extractors to get data from the request (like axum). The similarities with axum are striking, also in how they name concepts and traits. This tutorial gives you a little refresher on building a web service with rust and axum, along with how to use this framework to handle error responses. .