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Обсуждение на тему: Coffee rust

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Coffee rust

Coffee rust is the most economically important coffee disease in the world, and in monetary value, coffee is the most important agricultural product in international trade. Rust was first reported in the major coffee growing regions of sri lanka (then called ceylon) in 1867. The causal fungus was first fully described by the english mycologist michael joseph berkeley and his collaborator christopher edmund broome after an analysis of specimens of a coffee leaf disease collected by george h. The lesions usually appear on the lower leaves and the infection slowly progresses up the coffee plant. Also because of the increasing resistance of these fungi to treatments. Scientists have yet to find an explanation of how coffee rust becomes immune to treatments andor fungicides, suggesting there is no way to completely prevent it. In 2014, an ongoing outbreak of coffee rust in central america made headlines as it infected 60 to 75 of the regions coffee trees.

In guatemala alone, this resulted in a 15 drop in coffee output and a corresponding loss of more than 100,000 jobs during the 2012-2014 growing seasons. 2 over the next few years, better weather, resistant trees, and learning to live with the fungus improved coffee production in certain central american countries. Coffee rust epidemics can wipe out the entire coffee production in a country, leaving millions of people mostly vulnerable farmers out of work. When a disease means your income will be wiped out, terror strikes deep. That terror struck latin america in a coffee rust outbreak that started in 2012. It affected mexico all the way to peru, including part of the caribbean. In just two years, that coffee rust outbreak affected up to 80 of all coffee produced.

Coffee rust, devastating foliar disease of coffee plants caused by a fungus. Coffee rust can be partially controlled by the timely application of fungicide sprays during wet seasons. Plantations in some areas have been moved to higher and cooler altitudes, 1,800 to 2,100 metres (6,000 to 7,000 feet), at which the rust fungus has difficulty reproducing, though global warming is expected to further the spread of the disease into these areas. Britannica online encyclopedia defines coffee rust, aka coffee leaf rust, as a devastating foliar disease of coffee plants caused by the fungus hemileia vastatrix. Coffee rust appears as small, oily spots yellowish in color on the upper surface of a coffee plants leaves. The pustules of rust are located on the leaves underside and appear at first powdery and a yellow-orange color before later turning black.

Coffee rust is a devasting disease caused by a rust fungus, hemileia vastatrix. Это грибковое заболевание кофейного дерева, вызываемое паразитирующим ржавчинным грибом hemileia vastatrix. Болезнь покрывает лист кофейного дерева оранжевыми пятнами, которые препятствуют фотосинтезу растения. Постепенно листья опадают и в конечном итоге кофейное дерево полностью погибает. В англоязычной литературе заболевание известно под названием clr - это аббревиатура от coffee leaf rust, что буквально переводится как кофейная листовая ржавчина, или ржавчина кофейного листа. .