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Iced rust

A cross-platform gui library for rust focused on simplicity and type-safety. Rs in action, well build a very basic frontend application using iced and rust, which uses jsonplaceholder for fetching data. I previously worked as a fullstack web developer before quitting my job to work as a freelancer and explore open source. Iced was originally born as an attempt at bringing the simplicity of elm and the elm architecture into coffee, a 2d game engine i am working on.

The core of the library was implemented during may 2019 in this pull request. The first alpha version was eventually released as a renderer-agnostic gui library. The library did not provide a renderer and implemented the current tour example on top of ggez, a game library.

Iced moves fast and the master branch can contain breaking changes! If you want to learn about a specific release, check out the release list. Inspired by the elm architecture, iced expects you to split user interfaces into four different concepts state the state of your application. Note that is not using the command in the stdprocess library but the one provided by iced which you can see here.

Next lets cover the update() method fn update(&mut self, message message) - commandmessage. The final code snippet to explain is the following mod theme use icedwidgetbutton, container, text, row use icedapplication, color, color derive(debug, clone, copy, default) pub struct theme impl applicationstylesheet for theme. .