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Mlrs rust

The target circle shows the total area that might be damaged by an mlrs attack - not all rockets will hit the exact same spot, though there is a bias towards the centre of the circle. The mlrs will shoot all the rockets you have loaded, and break down for 10 minutes (or whatever the brokendownminutes console variable is set to). The multiple launch rocket system, or mlrs, is a devastating raiding tool that brings a whole new dynamic to raid strategy in rust. However, its difficult to get the required resources, and using it can be tricky.

The multiple launch rocket system, or mlrs for short, was added to rust in november 2021 as part of the desert base update. Located in the desert base monument itself, it allows players to launch long-range rockets at a targeted location. The mlrs is a rocket-firing machine that will allow you to shoot rockets at incredible distances and instantly destroy someones base in a matter of seconds. Recommended read number of spears or pickaxes to destroy a stone wall in rust.

The only problem is that you need to spend a lot of time preparing to use the mlrs, as you will need special rockets for it and a special aiming module that you can only get from the highest-level crates. The mlrs, which stands for multiple launch rocket system, is an exclusive machine featured in rusts abandoned military base within the desert biome. Available to all players, the mlrs allows rockets to be launched anywhere on the map (excluding safe zones and monuments), offering unparalleled destructive potential against enemies. Using the mlrs necessitates an mlrs aiming module and 1 to 12 mlrs rockets.

Для mlrs нужны только определенные ракеты для залпового огня mlrs pc3o. Так же они есть в элитном ящике и в ящике с вертолета, но там шансы их найти в разы меньше. .