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Обсуждение на тему: Navaja knife rust coat

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Navaja knife rust coat

Этот нож-бабочка с полированной мраморной ручкой прячет маленькое, но очень злое лезвие. The main feature of the skin is the layer of rust coating the blade and the front part of the handle. Navaja knife rust coat is currently a rather popular skin, which is often seen in the game. This navaja knife has been painted in a patina style, with the rust coat finish. A patina is a chemical reaction that forms a non-reactive, hardened shell over metallic parts. Real-life weapon patinas include case hardening, cold bluing, and acid forced patinas.

That said, this particular skin has been mostly painted in shades of gray. The navaja knife rust coat was designed by valve and added to the game on 3132019 as part of alongside seeing the light update. Further more, this skin is available with stattrak counter and has not souvenir option. The navaja knife rust coat is a great csgo knife skin to buy, it received 137 community votes and is ranked 4. В нашем магазине вещей вы можете купить наваха пыльник (закалённое в боях) по цене 6 297. Description it is still perfectly operational although the exterior surfaces have rusted.

00, что делает скин доступным только в состояниях поношенное и закаленное в боях. На минимальных стадиях износа металлические части имеют серо-синюю расцветку, а на максимальных оранжево-коричневую. Detailed information and market history (prices) for navaja knife rust coat in cs2. Includes all rarities and information such as float value, colors, containing cases, collections, release date and more. This marble-enamel-handled flip knife conceals a small but viciously tapered blade.

It is still perfectly operational although the exterior surfaces have rusted. You can buy navaja knife rust coat directly on steam or on any marketplace, we recommend you to use bitskins. 4 to 1, which makes the skin available in battle-scarred, well-worn, conditions. Where navaja knife rust coat drops from? Navaja knife rust coat drops from prisma case, prisma 2 case. .