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Обсуждение на тему: Oil rig rust

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Oil rig rust

1 oilrig2l6d 2 oilrig2l6c 3 oilrig2l6b 4 oilrig2l6a 5 oilrig2exhaust 6 oilrig2heli 7 oilrig2l5 8 oilrig2l4 9 oilrig2l3b 10 oilrig2l3a 11 oilrig2l1 12. 1 oilrig1l4 2 oilrig1l3 3 oilrig1l2 4 oilrig1l1 5 oilrig1dock 6 oilrig1heli. It monument can be found off shore a bit farther than the cargo ship patrol path and will definitely require a team to conquer.

As mentioned in the last dev blog, we didnt want to just add another static environment with loot crates and wanted to do something a little more special for this one. The small oil rig consists of fifteen blue scientists who roam around protecting the chests that spawn around the rig, making it a challenge to loot the entire thing alone. In order to retrieve this, you will have to defeat a group of around seven heavy scientists.

(see more scientist) the oil rig can contain up to 31 loot crates - excluding the ones inside the puzzle areas. This guide contains the general strategy and meta for the monument, a map with crate spawn locations, and callouts so you can more easily navigate the monument. It also has a level-by-level walkthrough for how to clear and effectively the oil rig can be a confusing monument to a rust beginner since it has a lot of features to it.

But if you learn to master the oil rig it is one of the best monuments in the game and you will earn good loot from it. .