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Подключайтесь к лучшим серверам Rust, играйте в раст прямо сейчас! Просмотрите статистику и текущих игроков, выберите свой путь в мире выживания на серверах Rust.


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Раст сторе

Everything wants you to die - the islands wildlife and other inhabitants, the environment, other survivors. Первая торговая площадка rust, на которой любой человек может не только купить понравившимися ему rust предметы, но и абсолютно автоматически выставить свои rust предметы на продажу и получить реальные деньги на интернет-кошелек.

Welcome to the official werewolf gaming store! This is the place for you to get extra kits and perks! To buy a rank please choose the server you wish to purchase on! Instant delivery. As soon as you purchase a package from the store, you will receive it instantly ingame.

Our checkout system uses your steam account you login to our site to attach your purchases to your account for life, quickly and securely. Questions? These links provide access to the official rust item store where you can buy new rust skins, released by facepunch every thursday, and the steam marketplace, where you can buy or sell used rust skins.

I originally created this guide for myself for quick links to the store, but you are welcome to use it too! Httpsstore. .