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Обсуждение на тему: Rust atomic

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Rust atomic

This module defines atomic versions of a select number of primitive types, including atomicbool, atomicisize, atomicusize, atomici8, atomicu16, etc. Atomic types present operations that, when used correctly, synchronize updates between threads. All atomic types in this module are guaranteed to be lock-free if theyre available. 26) these atomic data types were stabilized atomicptrt, atomicusize, atomicisize and atomicbool. It is very simple to create one let atomicbool atomicboolnew(true) now lets make an atomic read. Атомарные типы обеспечивают примитивную связь с общей памятью между потоками и являются строительными блоками других параллельных типов.

В настоящее время атомарные микросхемы rust следуют тем же правилам, что и c20 atomics , а именно atomicref. Atomicusize и atomicisize , как правило, самые портативные, но даже они доступны не везде. Для справки для std library требуются atomicbool и атомарные числа размером с указатель, а для core нет. Темное искусство продвинутого и небезопасного программирования на rust. In rust, the memory ordering is represented by the stdsyncatomicordering enum, which has 5 possible values. While in practice this is pretty hard to do in rust due to its type system (we have no way to get a pointer to an atomic for example), i find it useful to imagine an observer-core.

This observer core is interested in the same memory as we perform atomic operations on for some reason, so well divide each model in two how it looks on the core its running and how it looks from an observer-core. This post is an excerpt from my book black hat rust building a crawler in rust building a crawler. The reason is out of the topic of this book, but you can read more about it on this excellent post explaining atomics in rust. To keep things simple, use orderingseqcst which provides the strongest guarantees. Use stdsyncatomicatomicusize, ordering use stdsyncarc use stdthread the concurrency features that are included in the rust standard library are quite similar to what was available in c11 threads, atomics, mutexes, condition variables, and so on. In the past few years, however, c has gained quite a few new concurrency related features as part c17 and c20, with more proposals still coming in for future versions.

Lets take some time to review c concurrency features, discuss what their rust equivalent could look like, and what itd take to get there. Atomics enable us to share information between threads in a data race free way. The tools we have in the toolbox are atomic variables, and atomic fences. Atomic variables are small way too small to hold any significant amount of data. The maximum size of an atomic variable depends on the platform but can at least have the size of a pointer on that platform, meaning 64 bits for modern platforms like x86-64 or arm64aarch64. .