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Обсуждение на тему: Rust cc

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Rust cc

A fast cycle collector for rust programs with built-in support for creating cycles of references. This crate provides a cc (cycle collected) smart pointer, which is basically a rc which automatically detects and deallocates cycles of references. If there are no cycles of references, then cc behaves like rc and deallocates immediately when the reference counter drops to zero.

Just install it with npm install rust-cheat-check --save, and here you go. You can also provide apiurl in constructor options to provide different url. Const api require(rust-cheat-check) const api new api( apikey yourapikey ) api.

Based on project statistics from the github repository for the npm package rust-cc, we found that it has been starred ? Times. Downloads are calculated as moving averages for a period of the last 12 months, excluding weekends and known missing data points.

This package contains library source intended for building other packages which use the default feature of the cc crate. .