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Rust core

The rust core library is the dependency-free1 foundation of the rust standard library. It is the portable glue between the language and its libraries, defining the intrinsic and primitive building blocks of all rust code. The core library is minimal it isnt even aware of heap allocation, nor does it provide concurrency or io. These things require platform integration, and this library is platform-agnostic.

At the moment, core only has os-provided guard pages without the necessary checks on frames larger than the guard size. Rusts standard library provides stack safety via llvms segmented stack support, but this has a negative performance and code size impact. Rust core library свободная от зависимостей основа стандартной библиотеки rust. Она напрямую взаимодействует с примитивами llvm, что позволяет rust не зависеть от конкретных аппаратных и программных платформ.

What this means is that if youre writing an os, rust-core will provide you with all kinds of helpful data structures and functions that you lost when you wrote nostd. I found using this library pretty confusing, but the author hangs out in irc all the time and was really friendly to me, so it wasnt a huge problem. So back to supercoresliceiter! This says iterate over this using an iteration function from rust-core. Step 4 keyboard interrupts! Partial rust implementation of the mqtt-sn standard.

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