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Rust embedded

Rust is a promising language and were excited to use it for our future projects, embedded and otherwise. Rust enables us to ship software faster and more correct than we thought possible. Thanks to rust, we can take memory safety for granted, while other benefits of a zero-overhead language with a sophisticated type system help us develop maintainable software. Embedded rust is for everyone who wants to do embedded programming while taking advantage of the higher-level concepts and safety guarantees the rust language provides. The goals of this book are get developers up to speed with embedded rust development. Share current best practices about using rust for embedded development.

How to best use rust language features to write more correct embedded software. Он позволяет нам использовать язык программирования rust для разработки под встроенные платформы (embedded linux rtos bare metal). This organization focuses on improving the end-to-end experience of using rust in resource-constrained environments and non-traditional platforms. Want to get started with embedded development with rust? Check out our embedded rust book and the rest of our bookshelf. Want to stay up-to-date with community progress? Check out our newsletter. Some unstable features5 are very useful for embedded, so it is not uncommon for embedded rust projects to use a nightly compiler.

This is mostly necessary because rust releases too frequently for operating system package managers to keep up, and projects can pin specific versions of rust. Using rust for your embedded development gives you all the features of rust without the need to sacrifice flexibility or stability. For more information about the process of embedded rust (and about rt-thread itself), check out the rt-thread projects youtube channel. Special thanks to liu kang for providing this article, and for his tireless work on making embedded programming easy for everyone! What to read next. Now, lets get it on the open source rt-thread operating system to demonstrate how rust can be used for embedded development. When were calling the rust code in c code, requires us to package the rust source code as a static library file.

The following function evaluates the sum of two values of type i32 and returns the result overview. Rust is a fairly new programming language (born in 20101), but is showing great potential for developing embedded firmware. It is first and foremost designed to be a systems programming language, which makes it particularly suitable for microcontrollers. Its aim to improve on some of ccs biggest shortcomings by implementing a robust ownership model (which removes entire classes of errors from occurring) is also very much applicable to firmware. .