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Обсуждение на тему: Rust enum

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Rust enum

In this example, cat is a struct-like enum variant, whereas dog is simply called an enum variant. An enum where no constructors contain fields are called a field-less enum. For example, this is a fieldless enum !allow(unused) fn main() enum fieldless tuple(), struct, unit, if a field-less enum only contains unit variants, the enum is called an unit-only enum. For example !allow(unused) fn main() enum enum foo 3, bar 2, baz 1, discriminants. What rust calls enums are more commonly known as algebraic data types if youre coming from a functional programming background. The important detail is that each enum variant can have data to go along with it. The first enum shown is the usual kind of enum youd find in a c-style language.

The second shows off a hypothetical example of something storing location data, with coord being any other type thats needed, for example a struct. Перечисления enum в языке программирования rust, определение констант, передача им значений, использование в конструкции match. Перечисления или тип enum представляет набор констант или состояний, в которых может пребывать переменная перечисления. И в зависимости от текущего состояния мы можем выполнить те или иные действия. Формальное определение перечисления например в rust нет такого функционала как null значения, однако он есть во многих других языках. В языках с null значением переменные всегда могут находиться в одном из двух состояний нет значения (null) или есть значение (not-null). In pascal case we write the first letter of the first word in uppercase.

Any subsequent words have an uppercase first letter and are not separated with an underscore. The option enum is a predefined generic enum in rust and allows the enum to return a value. Because of that, the option enum is a generic, which means it has a placeholder for a type. Option is predefined and only has two values some, which returns a value. Disclaimer some parts of this section were decided in rfcs, but others represent the consensus from issue 10. The text will attempt to clarify which parts are guaranteed (owing to the rfc decision) and which parts are still in a preliminary state, at least until we start to open rfcs ratifying parts of the unsafe code guidelines effort. Enums are rust data structures that represent a data type with more than one variant.

Enums can perform the same operations that a struct can but use less memory and fewer lines of code. Over 200k developers use logrocket to create better digital experiences. In this tutorial, you will learn about enums in rust with the help of examples. Enums (or enumerations) is a user-defined data type that allows us to select a value from a list of related values. For example, enumsport basketball, volleyball, football, cricket, here, we have created an enum named sport with a list of values basketball , volleyball , football and cricket. Enums, short for enumerations, are a powerful feature in rust that allow you to define a type by enumerating its possible values. .