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Rust r

Фактически, мы отдельно компилируем rust-крейт, а потом создаем совместимую с r библиотеку используя rust-библиотеку и результат компиляции entrypoint. Аналогично выглядит и версия для windows, с той лишь разницей что на windows мы поддерживаем иx86, и x64, из-за чего приходится динамически выбирать правильный путь к statlib. There is also an (inactive?) project called rustinr which has an extensive rcpp-like framework for calling the r api from within rust code. The rextendr package provides two utility functions for developing r packages with rust code using extendr rextendruseextendr() create the scaffolding to use extendr, similar to usethisusecpp11().

Rextendrdocument() compile rust code and generate package documentation, similar to devtoolsdocument(). One thing we want to emphasize here is that these functions are needed solely for package development. (update this code is incomplete, please read the next section as well). Im still not confident if i understand this correctly, but let me try to explain we cannot simply pass a variable length of vector to ffi because the length is not known.

So, what we need to do is obvious pass the data with the length at the same time. Rrust is a public forum where there tends to be a broader community that includes people outside the rust ecosystem. Org is for people already in the language, and wanting to talk and share information only with people whove already embraced the language to some degree.

I use both in different circumstances but in almost all cases i start posts in users. Org and then cross post that onto reddit when i want a broader audience, for whatever reason. .