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Обсуждение на тему: Rust raid calculator

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Rust raid calculator

The rust raid calculator advanced gives you an even more detailed overview of what youll need to raid bases and structures. Find the structures you want to raid by pressing the sign, input how many of them (example 2 hqm walls 5 metal walls) and get the recommended stuff youll need to take it down! You can get the recommended with tier 3 workbench and recommended for lower tier workbenches. If you like the old raid calculator better, you can still use it by clicking here or find it in the menu labeled as old.

Для этого вам нужно будет следить за жизненными показателями, такими как голод, жажда и холод. This application is a simple way to estimate the amount of explosives needed to raid a base size that you input for the lowest cost of sulfur. Note with any wooden object, it is better to use either a flamethrower or molotovs instead of explosives.

Get the best out of your raiding strategies in rust with rust raid cost calculator! Our easy to use tool allows you to calculate costs for raiding in the popular video game rust. Please support this page or follow me on x! Welcome to rust raid cost calculator, the premiere website that helps you calculate costs for raiding in the popular video game rust. Our easy to use calculator allows you to select a structure, the amount you need to destroy and the method of raiding.

Отличается от остальных тем, что в этом руководстве есть самые экономные подборки для рейда. .