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Подключайтесь к лучшим серверам Rust, играйте в раст прямо сейчас! Просмотрите статистику и текущих игроков, выберите свой путь в мире выживания на серверах Rust.


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Rust sanctuary

Builders sanctuary offer the best building experience you could possibly have building in rust. We have designed the perfect build server for all kinds of builders whether you like finding exploits, designing bases, electricity, flying minicopters, test raiding, practicing monument runs or advanced console commands this is the best possible place for you to do so! Discover and play on the rust server (modded,oxide). Builders sanctuary is a private build server owned and managed by zedge and yoshi.

Its a place away from all the trolls on public build servers and all the oxide and plugin up. Welcome to rust sanctuary, the premier 5x eu server offering a haven for both novice and seasoned rust players.

Immerse yourself in a dynamic and thrilling rust experience with our carefully balanced 5x rates, fostering a brisk and engaging gameplay. Our vigilant and dedicated non-playing staff ensures a secure and fair environment, actively combating any disruptive elements.

At rust sanctuary, we prioritize a seamless playing experience, minimizing downtime and providing a stable server for your enjoyment. .