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Rust texture

Iron or steel, after being exposed for a long time to air (more precisely, to oxygen), becomes rusty and acquires that reddish or dark brownish hue. These textured images and backgrounds will make your projects look as if they stood the test of time! Images 96. It takes a fair amount of time for metal to rust, but in our case, the real story began when we considered turning those old metal pieces into the greatest collection containing 50 rust textures.

Rust, depending on the moisture surrounding the iron, starts to form after a while, displaying strange yet beautifully colored results. Well, no one has time to simply wait around, and thats why, today, wed like to present you with this freebie. Another addition to rv design s collection of textures, this one offers 3 rust textures with a difference in color and severity.

The fact is, rust adds a realistic touch to any scene, showcasing the amount of details that go into the design. Rust textures library, free rust textures for 3d works and graphic design. Animals bricks & pavers buildings concrete decals doors & gate fabric & cloth fire & smoke flooring foods landscapes leather & fur metal nature ornaments paint paper plant plaster plastic rock & stone roads & walkways roofing rust rugs & carpet skin sky & space signs wall tiles & mosaics water & liquid wallpaper wood window.

15 minutes shooting as much pictures from every possible angle, because normally it is very hard to find good rust textures in my area. Great collection, thanks for sharing! Ive released a texture pack with rust textures a while ago too, check it out httpwww. .