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Обсуждение на тему: Rust ui

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Rust ui

Rs use iuiprelude use iuicontrolslabel, button, verticalbox use stdrcrc use stdcellrefcell documentation crates. A cross-platform gui library for rust focused on simplicity and type-safety. There are many factors to this goal, including performance, a rich palette of interactions (hence a widget library to support them), and playing well with the native platform. The slint runtime fits in less than 300kib ram, features a reactive property system, and is built with rust.

Slint uses the optimal graphics rendering method gpu accelerated, dma2d, framebuffer, or linebuffer. React-inspired ui library for building multimedia desktop apps with rust and vulkan. Доступно очень много библиотек и фреймворков для создания gui, как полностью написанных на rust, так и оберток вокруг других инструментов, написанных на других языках многие из них доступны для кроссплатформенной разработки, включая возможность компилировать свое приложение в wasm и опубликовать его как веб-страницу. Forms refers to a complex request that is designed to be filled by a user in various steps.

Some examples of common ui elements for forms are user input, drop-down menu, etc. This is interaction is inherently about constructing a next request and are used when something is in-progress. As opposed to the request-response model, there is no or partial response and the application is asking the user for more information. Unfortunately, the difficulty in building modern performant desktop interfaces has held rust back in this space.

Still, ive been interested in finding a solution to this problem, specifically for writing linux desktop applications. There are a couple of native rust gui frameworks such as druid, iced, and others. I dont want to discredit these projects, i think they are doing important work, and their frameworks could end up being the defacto standard for gui-building in rust. .