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Обсуждение на тему: Rust variables

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Rust variables

A local variable (or stack-local allocation) holds a value directly, allocated within the stacks memory. For example mut x, y and fn f(mut x boxi32, y boxi32) declare one mutable variable x and one immutable variable y. Rs и замените в нем код на ниже приведённый, который пока не будет компилироваться имя файла srcmain. Fn main() let x 5 println!(the value of x is , x) x 6 println!(the value of x is , x) compiled without errors.

In the above rust programs we have used let keyword before the variable, let and const are the same as they are in other programming languages. In rust, you arent allowed to use the mut keyword with constants, constants arent immutable by default. In this rust tutorial we learn about basic temporary data containers in rust called variables and constants. We cover variable and constant initialization, data type declaration, mutability and a technique known as shadowing.

Values in rust have a type, and this type is decided at first assignment of a value to the variable. In the below case, name is of type string and age of type i32 an integer type let name chris let age 20 when a variable gets a type like this, we call it as the type being inferred, meaning that rust observes what value its being assigned and makes conclusions based on the assignment. So, numbers, lacking fraction becomes i32, 32-bit integer (whole numbers lacking decimals) for example. On the other hand, mutable variables in rust are those that can be changed after their initial assignment.

Rust refers to declarations as bindings as they bind a name at the time of creation. Naming convention by convention, you would write a variable name in a snakecase i. A variable can be initialized by assigning a value to it when it is declared. .