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Rusted media

Вы можете просмотреть текущих игроков и статистику или подключиться к серверу раст. Классический баннер (468x60px) state rust medium (classic x2, nolimit, wiped 16. Хотите показывать на вашем сайте информацию о онлайне сервера, название карты, режима, погоду, и другие параметры? Большое количество параметров и данных сервера, в реальном времени, и легкость в установке. Rust-media is a media player framework for rust, similar in spirit to libvlc or gstreamer.

Its designed for use in servo but is intended to be widely useful for all sorts of projects. Possible use cases are background music and fmvs for video games, as well as media player applications. The master branch of rust-media is currently pinned to the same version of rust that servo uses.

The nightly branch is intended to track the current rust nightly however, like many rust projects, it may be out of date. With a free soundcloud account you can save this playlist and start supporting your favorite artists. If you do not allow these cookies, we will not know when you have visited our site as all information collected about your behavior on soundcloud will be anonymous.

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