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Обсуждение на тему: Rusted from the rain

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Rusted from the rain

I stumble through the wreckage, спотыкаясь, иду по обломкам, rusted from the rain. Theres nothing left to salvage, больше нечего спасать, no one left to blame. Verse 2 you hung me like a picture, now im just a frame i used to be a lap dog, now im just a stray shackled in a graveyard, left here to decay left here to decay, left here to decay im rusted from the rain. Use section headers above different song parts like verse, chorus, etc.

Use italics (ilyrici) and bold (blyricb) to distinguish between different vocalists in the same song part. If you dont understand a lyric, use ? To learn more, check out our transcription guide or visit our transcribers forum. I stumble through the wreckage, rusted from the rain theres nothing left to salvage, no one left to blame among the broken mirrors, i dont look the same im rusted from the rain, im rusted from the rain. Dissect me til my blood runs down into the drain my bitter heart is pumping oil into my veins im nothing but a tin man, dont feel any pain i dont feel any pain, i dont feel any pain im rusted from the rain.

Go on, crush me like a flower, rusted from the rain come on, strip me of my power, beat me with your chains and if im the king of cowards youre the queen of pain im rusted from the rain, im rusted from the rain. Rusted from the rain is the first official single by canadian rock band billy talent off their album billy talent iii. 2 lead singer ben kowalewicz has said that the song is very tin man-esque and evolved from an epic soundgarden-like riff. The lyrics are about marital breakdown, kowalewicz told kerrang! Nowadays, im seeing a lot of people who got married young are now getting divorced.

Rusted from the rain (live at sound academy in toronto - october 12, 2013) billy talent. Информация о песне на данной странице вы можете ознакомиться с текстом песни rusted from the rain, исполнителя - billy talent. Выберите на какой язык перевести скачивай и слушай billy talent rusted from the rain и billy talent rusted from the rain billy talent iii 2009 на zvooq. .