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Rustoria eu main сервер раст

Find a list of all rustoria servers, with wipe times and connection info. Rust server wipe schedule map - thursdays 3pm uk 4pm cest, or when force updates occur. Rustoria is a widely recognised rust server community hosting several servers of many kinds in multiple regions! 215706 members. Co - eu main wipe scheduletmap - thursdays 3pm uk 4pm cest, or when force updates occur.

Corulest- no hacking scriptingt- no intentional bug abuset- no eac. Rustoria is a rust gaming servers network with many vanilla and modded servers, by many options, pve and pvp servers, aim training servers, leaderboards and. I wasted 45mn of my life getting fully geared, only to be killed by a naked with a rock who appeared on my screen after i was already dead.

You could even considered i wasted two whole months of my life since i havent touched rust since last forcewipe and now i missed this forcewipe so i will have to wait until next month for next forcewipe. Avoid this server, and most important, do not give them vip money! Rustoria. Co - eu main is top game server, its currently ranked 00 players online.

Are you the owner of this server? Visit the account page to set the description. These are not all our servers, but we suggest you check these ones out! View all our servers hererustoria. .