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Shipping container rust

Having this item in your steam inventory means youll be able to upgrade building parts to this tier. Покупайте и продавайте предметы из rust на торговой площадке за средства кошелька steam. 1200am est - were at the halfway point in the month for rust development and the team is trucking on new a building skin, respawn changes, some emojis in chat, and more. After the adobe dlc going live earlier in the month, the next building skin has appeared on staging.

Available for testing if you already own the adobe skin, shipping container is a new style for the sheet metal building tier, with a colorful twist! Rust express. Shipping container в магазине rust доступен новый скин shipping container, который позволяет вам изменять визуальные эффекты вашей базы. Shipping container skin steam market price and rust item store price on skin release. Its worth noting that the last colour you spray-painted with will now be the new building blocks colour used when you build additional shipping container blocks.

We look forward to seeing how creative you get with this new skin! Buy now from the rust steam item store. Twitch rivals concluded recently and news about a new update for the game has rolled in. Facepunch studios recently announced the release of the shipping container building cosmetics. Along with the change in the look and feel of the building material, players will have the ability to change the color as well, a feature lacking with the adobe skin.

Lets dive in and see whats new in the rust game update for june 2023. The second building skin dlc, the shipping container, is all set to add an extra layer of visual excitement to your gaming experience. This cosmetic upgrade for the sheet metal tier now allows players to choose from 16 different colors using the spray can, creating quite a decent list of options for players to choose from for their bases. .